Private on Location

Any of the courses listed here can be scheduled at your home, business, church or location of your choosing. Class size minimums can be discussed for location training and the maximum is only limited in size by the capacity of your facility.

The cost for this service is $150.00 per person. Further discounts to $125.00 per person can be achieved based upon the size of the group.

New Course offerings

Since many people currently holding concealed weapons permits would like to be updated on Concealed Carry Laws and Maine Use Of Force Laws, we are now providing a one hour +/- private session which includes a review for handgun safety and applicable CWP  laws. As an alternative to the one hour session, the option is open to sit in on the full course for a discounted rate providing space is available. This is a nice feature for those wishing to take the class with spouses, friends or other family members. Many people currently holding Maine CWP who were grandfathered may not have ever received any formal training with regard to Use Of Force Laws. Cost is only $50.00

Build A Black Rifle Course

New Course Offering for 2012 from Fox Firearms Sales & Training. A two hour ‘Build Your Own Black Rifle’ course featuring instruction for assembling an AR from the ground up. Students can either provide their own parts, purchase some or all parts from Fox Firearms to build a gun, or just attend for the knowledge for current or future use. Course will include a fully illustrated assembly manual and a total build demonstration, plus the ability to build your own AR during the course. This course is currently being offered as a one on one training experience at no additional charge.  Cost is $85

Basic Reloading Course

Due to the high cost of ammunition and sometimes it’s scarcity we are now offering a basic reloading course for handgun and rifle cartridges. Reloading provides substantial savings over purchasing factory ammunition as well as the ability to control quality for improved accuracy. Reloading packages will be available for purchase and the course will include demonstrations. Handgun and Rifle will be covered in separate courses. Cost for the 2 hour course is $85.

Check the Class Schedule Page for Availability of Women’s Only Courses

Additional Private Courses Available:

Basic Rifle Course
Basic Shotgun Course
Long Range Rifle Shooting
*Now available with Exploding Targets!
Basic Muzzle loading Course
Personal Protection Inside The Home
Personal Protection Outside The Home
Basic Youth Firearm Safety & Marksmanship Training

*Private courses can be scheduled for your particular area of interest and advanced courses are available for any of the above as well.

One on One training for any of the above disciplines is available at a rate of only $50/hr. This service also allows the use of many of our in-stock firearms for use in the training. This also provides an opportunity to test fire a gun you might be considering purchasing, or just the chance to shoot something new and different without ever having to spend the money to purchase it.

Gift Certificates Available for any of the Above Courses

Other Services Offered


Keeping your firearms cleaned and well oiled not only preserves value but also makes them more reliable and therefore safer to use. The Winchester shown below was test fired after a period of storage to confirm the scope was on target. Instead of it firing correctly as a semi-automatic rifle, it emptied the clip as a full auto machine gun!


Professional cleaning services available for as little as $50.