Welcome to the Fox Firearms Sales & Training Services information page. We specialize in Concealed Carry Certification classes and provide many other types of firearms instruction as well as NRA Certified courses. Our goal is to provide you with the very best firearms training you can possibly obtain. Thus far, since the spring of 2010 we have trained thousands of students ranging in age from 5 years old to 88 years young. Please view the testimonials page to see what our students are saying about us.

We very much look forward to serving you.


*Please see the Class Schedule page for dates and availability

Below is a short list of the services we offer:

Basic Handgun Course / Maine Concealed Carry Certification Course

This class runs many weekend mornings from 9:00am – 11:00am. It is an accelerated 2 hour one day course and a fairly comprehensive program that is suitable for someone who has never even touched a handgun before, yet still educational for someone who has been shooting most of their life. In addition to firearms training, this course also provides the laws pertaining to the Maine state statutes for use of lethal and non lethal force in addition to the rules regarding Maine’s concealed carry laws. It is also very well suited for Constitutional Carry training.

The course consists of a power point presentation on a wide screen plus hands on demonstrations with both semi-automatic pistols and revolver handguns. The setting is informal and relaxed providing the best atmosphere for attentiveness and learning. Questions and student participation during the class are always welcomed.

Generally, laser trainers are utilized in the classroom as a substitute for live fire as it provides a great environment for checking a students shooting fundamentals and skills. Students may bring their own firearms whenever courses are run utilizing live fire providing that factory ammunition is brought by the student, or it can be purchased from our store for use. A certificate is presented at the end of the course that can be used for submission when applying for a Maine Concealed Handgun Permit. No firearm ownership or prior experience of any type is required to attend this class. We provide everything needed including the pen! Hearing and eye protection are mandatory and reloaded ammunition is not allowed for live fire classes. If you do not currently have your own hearing and eye protection, they are available for purchase or may be loaned to you when available. Class size for this course when conducted here is limited to 24 students. Now offering a special 50% discount for teenagers age 13 – 16 who attend with a family member. (This course contains approximately 95% of the material covered in the 8 hour course listed below)

Total course price is $95 per person.

*Passport quality photographs are available in the classroom which are required for the state as well as most cities and towns for a nominal $10 fee.

**A student who takes this course can decide to take the Utah certification class at a later date and still receive the combination course discount. In addition, time spent in this course will be credited which results in only another hour and a half of instruction instead of an additional four hours to meet the requirements.

Info regarding the Maine permits and a law booklet can be downloaded here:   http://www.maine.gov/dps/msp/licenses/documents/Weapons/CFP%20Booklet.pdf

Resident application can be obtained here: http://www.maine.gov/dps/msp/licenses/documents/Weapons/resident%20application%20packa ge.pdf

Another good source for concealed carry info by state can be found here: www.usacarry.com

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

This is the 8 + hour Certified NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course. This course contains most of the same material as the Basic Handgun/Maine Concealed Carry Certification Course listed above. It is also recognized by the state of Maine as meeting the requirements for concealed carry certification. Minimum number of students for this class is 12 here on site or 16 at your location and requires a range to be available for live fire as there is a qualification component that needs to be met in order to obtain a certificate. Full course description can be found on the Addition Info Page.

Total course price is $95 per person.


Private – Basic Handgun Course / Concealed Carry Certification Course

This is the same program as listed for classroom training but set up as a private lesson for individuals or groups. Course time is approx. approx. 2 hours or less in length and includes most of the same course material which is presented in the 8 hour course just at an accelerated rate and in a shorter period of time. This is scheduled by appointment only and on a date and time that is most convenient to you. Many professionals and or groups choose this option due to time constraints, since it provides the same material but presented in a shorter time period and when it is most convenient to their schedules.

Total cost for this course is $150 per person.

 Private on Location

Any of the courses listed here can be scheduled at your home, business, church or location of your choosing. Class size minimums can be discussed for location training and the maximum is only limited in size by the capacity of your facility.

The cost for this service is $150.00 per person. Further discounts to $125.00 per person can be achieved based upon the size of the group.

New Course offerings

Since many people currently holding concealed weapons permits would like to be updated on Concealed Carry Laws and Maine Use Of Force Laws, we are now providing a one hour +/- private session which includes a review for handgun safety and applicable CWP laws. As an alternative to the one hour session, the option is open to sit in on the full course for a discounted rate providing space is available. This is a nice feature for those wishing to take the class with spouses, friends or other family members. Many people currently holding Maine CWP who were grandfathered may not have ever received any formal training with regard to Use Of Force Laws. Cost is only $50.00

Interstate Concealed Carry Permit


In order to further provide services of value to our customers, we offer the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit course. A Utah Concealed Firearms Permit provides for concealed carry in over 2/3 of the country! Check the schedule page for dates and times this course is being offered. Utah permits are valid for 5 years. In order to save my students time, I have both passport quality photo services as well as fingerprint services available on site for your convenience.

*Recent law changes for reciprocity and recognition mean this permit is now honored in the state of Maine so you will now need to have a Maine CWP in order to obtain the Utah permit.

For states covered click here:  http://publicsafety.utah.gov/bci/FAQother.html

Utah / Maine Combination Course

As a further value to our students we offer a combination program of both the Utah and Maine Concealed Carry Certification courses. By running the courses semi/concurrently you are able to obtain both certifications in just a little over 4 hours. The first part contains strictly Utah & Federal required laws and information with the second part being the complete content of the Basic Handgun Course listed above. After completion of those two parts we provide the Maine Concealed Carry and Use of Force Laws providing savings of both time and money.

Discounted price for both certifications – $225

(Photo and Fingerprint Services are available on site)

*The Maine permit is now being honored in  New Hampshire, Florida and Georgia due to recent changes in reciprocity. Please be sure to check and confirm all state laws before attempting to exercise any carry rights there.


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