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Question: Why is there such an interest in firearms training?

Answer: With over 33,000 crimes being reported in Maine last year people are choosing to get the training to reduce the risks of being a victim and instead taking the necessary steps to be survivors instead.


What is it about your course offerings that would make me want to take it from you rather than someone else?

Answer: There are a lot of people offering firearms instruction and there are just as many differences in quality and content. It is my experience and the content I provide that sets me apart from the rest of the pack. For the concealed carry certification classes, I provide the laws both for concealed carry but also for use of force. A lot of people will not touch those subjects due to liability issues surrounding them. Having been a law enforcement officer and also having one of Maine’s best lawyers for a close personal friend, I am both confident and competent in providing those areas to my students. (Pamela J. Ames Esq. – Former prosecutor for the Maine Attorney General’s Office and former prosecutor for the Kennebec/Somerset County DA’s Office, now defense attorney located in Waterville.) I also make my classes extremely enjoyable and modify them as needed to give my students the best possible experience.

Question: I do not own a firearm and actually have never even held one. Can I take a course?

Answer: In order to take my courses, either classroom or private lessons, you need not have had any prior firearms training or experience. Many of the people that take my courses have never fired a gun before.

Question: Are many women taking advantage of your course offerings?

Answer: A good percentage of the students that are taking my courses are women. I am especially pleased to see that they are taking proactive steps to protect themselves and am working to increase those numbers. I have had women in the class that had some anti gun sentiments prior to taking the course and became pro gun advocates after to include purchasing firearms after the course. Many are also choosing to continue with one on one private training after the initial class.

Question: I already have my concealed weapons permit. Why would I want to take your concealed carry certification class?

Answer: Many people who already have their permits take the class as a refresher not just for firearms knowledge but also to get up to date information on concealed carry laws. This information also includes the Maine statutes for the use of force. Even people who have been shooting for 30 years will generally learn quite a bit of new information in the classes.

Question: Is there anyone not allowed to take your classes?

Answer: If a person is restricted from possessing a firearm they may not take my classes or handle firearms.

Question: What is the minimum age to take your courses.

Answer: I offer classes for youth as young as age five for both firearms safety as well as marksmanship. I also stock guns in the shop specifically for youth starting around that age and even pink ones for young girls and women who prefer that color. For the Basic Handgun Course which is also used for Concealed Carry Certification the minimum age is 13 to attend that course and a parent or guardian’s signature is required for anyone under 18 for any of the courses.

Question: What is the minimum age for someone in the State of Maine to get a concealed weapons permit?

Answer: Minimum age is 18.

Question: How long is the certificate that is issued from the Basic Pistol Course valid?

Answer: The certificate may be submitted to the state anytime within 5 years of issuance.

Question: What kind of guns do you supply for use in the Basic Pistol Course?

Answer: A .22 caliber semiautomatic pistol and .22 caliber revolver are used in the class. Both type of firearms are shot during the range portion of the training.

Question: Do you offer other types of firearms for training?

Answer: I have a wide selection of firearms available for training including shotguns, rifles, pistols and tactical weapons. I also have guns set up as home defense firearms complete with laser sights available for training. Pistols are available from .22 caliber to 50AE and most in between. Rifles are also available equipped with open sights up to long range optics for 300 yard plus shooting. Shotguns are available in all gauges for skeet training.

Question: Why would you want to teach children to shoot? Isn’t that dangerous?

Answer: I think it is dangerous not to teach children firearms safety and shooting skills. One of the leading causes of accidents involving children and guns is due to curiosity and lack of knowledge. Teaching youth to safely handle firearms at an early age tremendously reduces the risk of accidents. Teaching children reduces risk, it does not increase it. Even though you may not have firearms in your home, it does not mean they won’t be exposed to them elsewhere.

Question: I am a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair. If it is not convenient for me to come to you for training, will you instead come to me?

Answer: Absolutely. In cases of disability I will waive the minimum of 6 student requirement for location training and work out an arrangement for that will be the most viable for your situation.



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