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The Fox Firearms Sales & Training Gun Shop and Accessory Store is now open by appointment. Our specialty is concealed carry and home defense firearms but we also have a wide selection of other guns.

                           Take a Child Hunting!

 The Cricket line of single shot, bolt action .22 rifles are a great first firearm for both boys and girls. Sean C. pictured above in camo and turkey hunting, started with one which he received on his 5th birthday. Now that gun will be a family treasure to pass down to his kids and through the generations. Having started early with firearms safety and marksmanship training has paid off for Sean. His first shot at a deer was successful and he took a doe with a youth rifle at the unbelievable distance of 284 yards!

We have firearms for the entire family starting with guns appropriate for youth age 5 and up.  We stock concealed carry guns as well as ones for plinking, hunting, competition, collecting and of course those used for home and personal defense. We also carry a good selection of ammunition and accessories including lasers, hearing and eye protection, targets, optics, holsters and much more.










If we do not have what you are looking for, we can order in virtually anything that can be obtained from our large list of suppliers. Delivery can be as fast as next day.

In addition to selling firearms and accessories, we also buy guns (single or collections welcome.) We will also take guns on consignment. If you have firearms you would either like to trade for something different or convert to cash, check with us to see how we can make that a reality for you.

Take a child shooting!

Carleigh age 10 with her dad, Scott out for some quality time plinking with a .22 rifle.

We have a wide range of handguns ranging from inexpensive .22 pistols to a Desert Eagle Ultimate collection from Magnum Research which includes three calibers, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum and 50 Action Express. The Desert Eagle Mk. XIX platform allows for barrel changes in a matter of seconds and there is a 6 barrel and a 10 barrel for each caliber.

This combo was modified and improved by having the 10 50AE. barrel Magnaported and a Burris handgun scope installed.

Discount price - $4850

Tactical Rifles including AR-15s, .223 plus a rare 50AE caliber. In stock are several AKs including WASR-10s at only $499.95 and an AK-74! Browning line of BPS shotguns including: .410; 28; 20; 12; 10 and 16 gauges! Multiple tactical and home defense shotguns in stock as well. It is wall to wall guns, accessories and ammunition.

Walther P-22s in stock including custom colors and features.

Also have dedicated Walther lasers for the P22 and PK380. During the months of April - June Crimson Trace is offering a $50 rebate on virtually all of their lasers. Take advantage of this program being offered for the first time ever!

Rugers newest gun, the LC9 is in stock and available for purchase. Several left on hand, hard to get gun!

New in stock are Ruger LCP pistols with scroll engraving. These unique guns were a distributor exclusive and no longer in production. We even have a very few consecutive serial numbered pairs available!

Gun shop is LOADED, come check it out...


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Come check us out, you wont be disappointed!

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