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*old photos, currently as of 9/16 we have over 750 guns in stock with one of the best selections in the state…

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The Fox Firearms Sales & Training Gun Shop and Accessory Store. Open daily but always a good idea to call before you come. Our specialty is concealed carry and home defense firearms but we also have a wide selection of other guns.

Fox Firearms is also a Class III dealer for suppressors, fully automatic and NFA type firearms.

We have a fully stocked gun shop with over 750 guns and accessories with a value of roughly a half million dollars. We have the WOW factor!

We are also an LE Dealer offering deep discounts for Law Enforcement and Military personnel as well as many other first responders which include firefighters, EMT, District Attorneys and Judges. Check with us for additional details about the programs.

*Please note that many of the photos shown here are not up to date and given the current state of the firearms industry the inventory changes constantly. For allocated and scarce guns please call to determine availability. Best chance of getting the gun you want is per-payment so that your name is on it when it comes in, especially given the current situation of a depleted marketplace. Tactical Ar-15 and Ak-47 Rifles, Pistols and Hi-Cap accessories are coming in daily so reserve yours now in order to get the gun or items you want. We are extremely successful in being able to obtain the hard to get stuff. Thanks for checking in.


Taken 3/28/13


Take a child hunting



The Cricket line of single shot, bolt action .22 rifles are a great first firearm for both boys and girls. Sean C. pictured above in camo and turkey hunting, started with one which he received on his 5th birthday. Now that gun will be a family treasure to pass down to his kids and through the generations. Having started early with firearms safety and marksmanship training has paid off for Sean. His first shot at a deer was successful and he took a doe with a youth rifle at the unbelievable distance of 284 yards!


We have firearms for the entire family starting with guns appropriate for youth age 5 and up. We stock concealed carry guns as well as ones for plinking, hunting, competition, collecting and of course those used for home and personal defense. We also carry a good selection of ammunition and accessories including lasers, hearing and eye protection, targets, optics, holsters and much more.


Gun_Shop_3-28-13_14*Please contact us for more information photo
is not current.




Carly at age 10 out with her dad Scott doing a little plinking with her .22 rifle. Carly has gone on to be a very successful hunter as a result of the quality training her dad has provided to her.

We carry a wide range of handguns ranging from inexpensive .22 pistols to generally having at least one Desert Eagle in 50AE in stock.


* please contact us as inventory changes
photos not current.

Tactical Rifles including AR-15’s, Ak-47’s, FNAR’s when available. Multiple tactical and home defense shotguns in stock as well. It is wall to wall guns, accessories and ammunition.

Walther P-22’s in stock including custom colors and features.

Also have dedicated Walther lasers for the P22 and PK380.

Ruger’s newest guns always stocked.

New in stock are Ruger LCP pistols with scroll engraving. These unique guns were a distributor exclusive and no longer in production. We even have a very few consecutive serial numbered pairs available!

Gun shop is LOADED, these are OLD photos. We are wall to wall and floor to ceiling guns, come check it out…


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