Below are a few photographs taken during a recent class while conducting the range and live fire portion of the course. Most of the photos were taken by one of the students in that class and are courtesy of Peter Boutin of Winslow.

Elizabeth K. and Maydean Kimball get some instruction on the proper way to load a revolver and a semiautomatic pistol prior to the live fire portion of the course.


Liz had very little to no experience with handguns and took the class mostly for the experience. As she put it, one more thing crossed off on the ‘bucket list’.


Maydean Kimball

Maydean brought her own .380 cal. semiautomatic handgun to shoot as well as those provided by us for use on the range. All shooting is closely supervised.

Below are the results of Liz’s first target showing an awesome grouping of shots. These were from both a semiautomatic pistol and a revolver. Great Shooting!



 Peter’s technique is observed to see if he is following the five shooting fundamentals

that were taught during the class.