Fox Firearms Sales & Training Services was created and is dedicated to help people learn firearms safety and marksmanship starting with our youth.

One main objective is to give people the knowledge, tools and skills necessary to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones in times of need. In a world where in some parts of the country the Domino’s Pizza guy has a faster response time than the police during a 911 call, the public needs to be able to protect and defend themselves until law enforcement arrives.

Another goal is to try and improve and repair the badly distorted and tarnished image that firearms have developed due to the nature of crime reporting, as well as their portrayal in Hollywood productions. Those of us with firearms skills and knowledge already know the truth about the true role that guns play in our society and that guns are not the problem, they are the solution.

The reality is that firearms save lives every day in this country and are used to prevent crimes of rape, murder, assault, home invasions, robberies and other violent acts. Our goal is to provide as many law abiding citizens as possible who have the desire to learn, with the training necessary for the safe and proper use of firearms. This act in effect, gives a person the choice of either being a survivor or the victim and therefore effectively taking the power and control away from those with criminal intent.

If the victims of the 32,000 plus crimes reported in Maine in previous years had attended even just our Basic Handgun course, the ones who were subjected to violent criminal acts would at least have been given the opportunity for a far more favorable outcome.

Our goal is simply to protect and save innocent lives through quality firearms education and training.

It is said that God, Guns and Guts made this country great. I say that in order for it to stay that way, we need to keep all three…

God Bless


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Chuck recently received this award from the NRA for being in the top ten in the country for NRA recruiting in 2014 and placed 8th as an instructor recruiter.