As of June 1st of 2017 we completed our 7th year in business here at Fox Firearms. We want to personally thank the 5000+ students and thousands of customers that we have had the pleasure to meet and help during that period of time. Thanks for the opportunity to serve you the last 7 years, we very much look forward to doing the same in the future! Chuck & Staff

P.s. If you have not been a customer of ours, now would be a great time to become one.

Chuck Cabaniss, owner of Fox Firearms Sales & Training Services has always had a passion for firearms. He has been providing safety and marksmanship training for youth as young as the age of five up to senior citizen for over 30 years. He has also collected firearms and been shooting since he was old enough to own guns. Chuck has done firearms competitions including Police Pistol Combat and Cowboy Action Shooting with over 75 trophies and a Maine State Championship to his credit.


Chuck was the first student at Unity College working for campus security to be sworn in as a law enforcement officer and authorized to carry a firearm. This occurred when he came to Maine back in 1976 to attend school there. He received training as a firearms instructor at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy during the 1980’s while serving as a law enforcement officer in Bar Harbor and then in Winslow. While he was a sworn officer he helped as an assistant instructor for the reserve officer training schools at the academy during the 16 or so years he served full and part time.

He also has NRA Certified Instructor and Utah Certified Instructor ratings in his credentials and is dedicated to helping people learn firearms safety and marksmanship so they can better protect themselves and their families. The Utah concealed weapons permit can be used for concealed carry in in 2/3 of the country!

Chuck is also active in his community and church, plus is a prolific recruiter for the NRA having signed up over 1000 new members in the last 7 years.

Some of Chuck’s credentials include:

Municipal /County Police School 1981

Graduated 4th of 36 with a 95.84 G.P.A.

Intermediate Officer Certification

Advanced Officer Certification

Methods of Instruction

Firearms Training I

Firearms Training II

High Risk Patrol Tactics

NRA Firearms Instructor Certification

S.A.F.E. Member (Shooting and Firearms Educators LLC.)

Utah Certified Firearms Instructor


Chuck with his son Sean who was age 5 at the time this photo was taken. Sean is holding his first rifle and they are dressed for Cowboy Action back in 1999.